Welcome to ipfailover.MammothVPSCustomer.com

This website is running on two Mammoth VPS with the Personal+ plan utilising the ucarp virtual IP software. It has been setup to demonstrate the availability you can expect with two Mammoth VPS running in an IP failover configuration.

By comparison, you can check the main mammothvpscustomer.com website to see the availability of a standard, single VPS.


To monitor availability, we use the third party website Pingdom.com. They have a page you can access (linked above) to see what our availability (uptime) has been on this website. I've also included an IFRAME'd copy above.

This website is run on two completely standard VPS, ordered via the Signup page that all customers use. It does not have any preferential treatment or special functionality to enhance availability - we want this website to be completely representative of what all customers see.

Please note the "Average response time" is calculated based on the time to download this HTML page byPingdom.com's servers, which aren't based in Australia.

More Information

You can view the availabilitity of a single website, along with some information on testing bandwidth and latency on the main mammothvpscustomer.com website.

We have some information on setting up IP failover on our website. The basic process involves purchasing a second IP on the first VPS, then assigning it as a "floating" IP on the second VPS using our web-based configuration software.

If you would like to know more, why not have a chat with me on our Online Chat during business hours - just ask for Nathan.

-- Nathan O'Sullivan, 22nd January 2011